Eating Low Fat is Dangerous AND Causes You to Gain Weight!

The most important nutrient in your diet is FAT!  And I don’t mean olive oil…or any vegetable oils.

From Mark’s Daily Apple

I mean animal fat, butter, fat from meats, coconut oil…fats, not oils.

Saturated fats are stable at room temperature, and do not oxidize.  They are safe to heat, to cook with…AND they give you vital nutrients that the body has to have to be healthy;

  • Saturated fats are needed for energy, hormone production, cellular membranes and for organ padding.
  • Saturated fatty acids are also needed for important signaling and stabilization processes in the body.
  • Lack of saturated fatty acids in the lymphocytes is responsible for age-related declines in white blood cell function.
  • Myristic acid is a very important fatty acid, found in coconut oil and butter, which the body uses to stabilize many different proteins, including proteins used in the immune system and to fight tumors.  Lack of myristic acid from the diet can have unfortunate consequences, including cancer and immune system dysfunction.
  • Saturated fats (butter AND fat from grass fed animals) gives us the depth of Vitamins A, D and E that we need in order to grow or repair an immune system. There is NO other way to get these nutrients.  We are hard-wired to need them. 
  • Saturated fats are crucial to digestion; we cannot assimilate many of the nutrients in vegetables without the presence of fats in the gut at the same time.
  • Saturated fats regulate the absorption of carbohydrates, slowing down their digestion and keeping the blood sugar stable.
  • Without the depth of nutrients and calories we get from fats our body never gets the signal to stop eating.  Without fats we fill up on carbs- a prescription for diabetes and weigh gain. 
  • Americans have become scared of protein. No one eats enough of it. Without enough fats to help you digest proteins we build up uric acid in the bloodstream and this leads to gout.  This is why we are seeing gout on the rise again.

During the 1970s, researchers from Canada found that animals fed rapeseed oil and canola oil developed heart lesions. This problem was corrected when they added saturated fat to the animals diets. On the basis of this and other research, they ultimately determined that the diet should contain at least 75 percent of fat we take in as saturated fat. Among the food fats that they tested, the one found to have the best proportion of saturated fat was lard, the very fat we are told to avoid under all circumstances!

Another factor is consuming vegetable oils is that they oxidize immediately upon being removed from the foods they came in.  Oxidation causes these oils to form high free radical production in the body.  When these oils are heated it greatly speeds up this process.  These oils also become sticky when heated.  This causes accelerated aging, cancer, high blood pressure.  Sticky blood lipids are what causes our cholesterol to clump together in the bloodstream.  Cholesterol is our best friend, causes every biological function in the body to perform correctly.  We DO NOT want less of it in our body.  But we certainly do not want it to clump together and cause a stroke, high blood pressure or heart disease!

Eat vegetable oils in the foods they came in.  Nature put these in great packages; olives, avocadoes, nuts and seeds…

Cook, bake and sauté regularly in butter, coconut oil, beef fat, chicken fat, duck fat.  Just make sure they are all from organic and grass fed sources.  You arteries will thank you. 


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