Fats Are Crucial for Digestion of ALL Foods

An article was just posted on Lifehacker and several other sites about how important is it to not eat low fat dressing on salads.

See Below for Ingredients

That is true.  ALL food requires fats to be digested properly.

There is a reason that our grandmothers used fatback and ham hocks to cook in with collards and other green leafy vegetables.  Not only do they taste awesome, you actually assimilate the vitamins and minerals in them. 

I have seen a few clients with gout recently.  Many people are going back to eating more protein since we can now get organic and grass fed meat, and because the studies are showing that vegetarian diets do not meet our nutritional needs.  Gout is caused when we do not digest meat well.  This occurs if we eat a diet rich in meat and veggies but still low in fat.

America’s misguided obsession with low fat eating and dieting has caused all kind of issues; causing us to eat too many carbs, leading to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression.  When we do not have the right fats present in the gut at the time we are digesting proteins and vegetables we do not assimilate the nutrients.

Notice, on the left, the ingredients and lack of ANY nutrients!  Toxic soy oil, modified food starch, sugar, natural flavors (a toxic mess of ingredients not required by the FDA to be disclosed)…and it has NO FLAVOR!


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