Oatmeal or a Traditional Breakfast?

Each day we need approximately 2000 calories, athletes and pregnant or lactating mothers need more.

Each meal should give us about a third of the nutrients and calories we need each day.  So given that information, what should we eat for breakfast; oatmeal or a traditional breakfast?


Here’s the nutrition info on a breakfast consisting of oatmeal with milk with blueberries added;

Calories-  458
25% of those calories came from fat
57% came from carbohydrates
18% came from protein.
You got 4% of needed Vitamin C for the day- You need 2000 mg a day for optimum health.
You got 4651 IU of Vitamin D- you need 50,000 IU a day.

Calories were about 1/4 of what you needed, Vitamins C and D were woefully inadequate.  Carbs were way too high and will leave you hungry and experiencing low blood sugar well before lunch.  You did not get enough fat or protein in this meal so the meal will digest quickly and leave you looking for food well before lunch.

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