Do You Shop Local?

It’s easy to re-post what we see on the Internet, we all “Like” stuff all the time..

How often do we REALLY support what we say we do?  Everyone calls for us to make greener choices, buy local, do the right thing!

Eat Local

But how many of you breeze through Publix each week grabbing veggies, dish soap, meat? 

JD Beef has Grass Fed Beef at Riverside Arts Market every Saturday for SIX DOLLARS A pound!

Green Lotus Organics has the best soaps, lotions and lip balms in town! You can find them in little local shops all over town.

Green Man Gourmet has amazing salts, beer, herbs and spices in Avondale.

Grassroots has local cage free eggs at a WAY better price than Publix!  You can green cleaners, make up, most of what you need AND avoid sending your money out of Jax by way of Whole Foods.

The Cake Shop of San Jose is on Hendricks with cakes that are delicious and stunningly beautiful!  Unless you are needing gluten free these cakes are your best bet instead that tasteless stuff at Publix.

Clothing made locally is readily available at Bad Girls Boutique, Edge City has had amazing hip clothing for years in Avondale.  Laurie Dyer has beautiful cotton tie dyed clothing at RAM every week. For dressier clothing Blair Woolverton’s place in Avondale is awesome.

You NEVER need go to big box stores, there are so many choices locally.

There are Farmer’s Markets AL:L over town now!  The Veggie Bin delivers. There’s Avondale Farmers Market, Jacksonville Farmers’ Market is open 27/7,  The Jacksonville Landing Farmers and Arts Market is downtown,  Jacksonville Seed Exchange is a great place for exchanging seeds.  

Chamblin’s both Uptown and on Roosevelt have all the books you could ever possibly read and you are recycling!

No need to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot for lumber, we have local lumber companies.  Philip’s Garden Store and Trads’ Garden Store both ROCK!

There are Consignment shops ALL over town, Goodwill, Local Ace Hardware’s…I could go on and on and on…


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