Say NO to Straws

Imagine it’s a busy hot sunny Summer day all day and at the moment, a nice, cold lemonade sounds completely satisfying.  You then proceed to grab a reusable cup, dump some ice into the cup, pour the lemonade into the cup, grab a straw, and sit down, relax, and enjoy.  Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice beverage, however there was one step in the process you could leave out: Step 4 – Grab a straw.

Straws are made up of plastic that almost 100% of the time will never be recycled.  By not using straws at home, you will be doing a number of things to help the environment including, reducing the amount of pollution made during the production of straws as well as reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste you dump into the landfill.

Check out more at a great little blog on Environmental Issues- 


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