Chamblin’s Uptown NOW serving Millie’s Gluten Free Desserts

Chamblins Uptown

My favorite uptown destination, and awesome Used Bookstore..Chamblin’s Uptown, is now carrying my gluten free desserts.

Not only is this one of Jacksonville’s best used book stores, they also have a delightful little café.  They serve an eclectic mix of soups, sandwiches, breakfast and lunch specials, and also serve brunch.

They are carrying my Almond Berry Tarts; These luscious, buttery tarts are delicately crisp on the outside, soft melt-in-your-mouth on the inside.  These tarts are one of my best selling desserts…and no matter that they are gluten free…they don’t taste healthy!  These are relatively low on the glycemic chart as the “flour” is mainly almond meal that I make.


They are also carrying my Chocolate Almond Macaroons;  These are not like normal macaroons.  They start that way, with meringue, but I fold in dark chocolate, grated coconuts and a hint of cinnamon.  These are very rich, very crunchy on the outside, gooey chocolate goodness on the inside.  These are flour, oil and butter free.

chocolate Almond Macaroons

Visit Chamblin’s and check out the awesome café…and my desserts!

Chamblin's Uptown Cafe

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