Willow Work on my Porch

I moved into a new house last June, 2011.  Here is what the back porch looked like then;

Back Porch 2

Billy Willow came last weekend and worked his magic and did willow work.  The original metal roof had a layer of netting and a layer of worn out bamboo shades (no idea why!) that had stuff nesting in it.  He ripped that out, repaired some of it, added a table and bench and many willow embellishments.

Willow Work 3

Here is a shot of the whole thing. The table top was in Rick O’Shea’s back yard, the wooden banister used for the table leg is an old bannister that was from the family home of my friend, Janice Ghelerter.  As you can see it wraps around the table.  All material for this project was found, recycled, gathered.  The hanging glass beads I have had for years, they look awesome with the sun pouring through them in the afternoons!  I have a collection of prisms hanging in the wood just under the roof on the edge.

Willow Seat

Here’s the bench. The poppies and Bachelor Buttons are just sprouting.  I’m still working on the tin roof, the potting bench will go in the greenhouse when it is finished.  The garden, the water barrels, the compost is all to the left.  In the foreground is the bird bath, cucumbers and milkweed thistle, which attracts butterflies.


Next year, when Billy returns from Michigan we will finish the willow work under the tin, add more bent willow… 

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