Goma Ae

As far as condiments go, this is my all time favorite to put on spinach, kale or asparagus. You can buy this already made, but the flavor is not as good.  It is a great source of calcium and  iron, nutrients most people do not get enough of if you do not eat meat or make bone stocks.

1 cup sesame seeds
1 Tablespoon salt
a black iron frying pan

Get your pan medium hot, add sesame seeds….keep stirring until they start popping.  They will start popping like popcorn.   Careful, watch closely as they will burn fast.

Let them cool, add them with the alt to a blender, pulse until ground fine but be careful as over processing will turn in into tahini!

Keep in a jar and use as a condiment.   You can also add water and use as a sauce, adding a little Tamari if you want.

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