More Empty Recommendations on Junk Food Marketing to Children

Treehugger published this article outlining why money wins every time when we try to get legislation passed to limit. or at least improve content, in  marketing to children.  They summed up the article by saying;  As Jeff McIntyre, policy director for the advocacy group Children Now told Reuters: “We just got beat. Money wins.” That’s why it’s irrelevant how many more recommendations or deadlines come from the Institute of Medicine or any other panel of experts on how to “accelerate” progress. The only thing getting accelerated is lobbying dollars into politicians’ pockets. And kids’ poor health.

Read the whole article HERE….

BUT, aren’t we looking at this bass akwards?   WHO is in control here?

My recommendation is to put the power back in the hands of people who SHOULD be in charge!   PARENTS!    Yes, turn off the TV, and stock your house with healthy foods, set an example, eat right, get outdoors with your kids…

Unless your kids have jobs and cars…YOU are in charge.

It doesn’t matter WHAT they legislate. 

2 Comments on “More Empty Recommendations on Junk Food Marketing to Children”

  1. jessica says:

    phew! I’m so relieved you wrote that! i agree. so, they market to kids, they always have and will continue but it is the parents that make the decisions unless yer kiddos are now teens and generally they are smart enough to realize how unhappy a body feels after too much fast food. not always but generally.


    • So true, Jessica! Our government is bought and paid for by big business. WE are responsible for what goes in our bodies and what we teach our children. Expecting otherwise is a pipe dream… and let’s us absolve ourselves from responsibility and point the finger at others… It’s OUR choice!


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