How To Grow Your Own Moss

From Apartment Therapy


Water, buttermilk, moss and a blender is all you need to get started.


I love outdoor spaces filled with overgrown blooms, piles of mismatched pots, bits and bobs of weathered sculpture and richly textured blankets of moss. Though moss could be associated with the words dilapidated or swampy it is actually a very healthy vegetation in that it has no known pests or diseases. It’s also extremely forgiving and requires little to no maintenance. It’s soft on your feet if used as a ground cover, stays green throughout colder months and is really easy to propagate. Learn how to grow your own moss after the jump.

What You Need

Existing sample moss from a yard or a garden store. It can be dead or alive.
Equal parts buttermilk and water

A blender
A paintbrush (optional)


1. Measure two cups of water and two cups of buttermilk.

2. Pour both into the blender.

3. Top with moss to fill the blender.

4. Blend until you have a milkshake consistency. You want the existing moss to separate.

5. Paint or pour the mixture on rocks, fences, foundation, bricks, ceramic pots, trees or wherever you’d like to see moss grow. You can get creative and draw pictures if you’d like or write things if you’re feeling fancy.

Additional Notes:
Use a mister to keep moss moist for the first couple of weeks and if possible grow your moss in a shaded area. The moss should start to grow within 3 weeks

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