Garlic is Delicious…and Healthy!

Garlic and Herb

[via Eurekalert]

Researchers found another reason to love garlic! A compound found in the humble bulb is one hundred times more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics at killing the most common kind of food-borne bacteria.

The compound is called diallyl sulfide, and it has a unique ability to kill Campylobacter, the bug that causes the most typical kind of food poisoning. While normal drugs are stymied by the bacteria’s biofilm, a kind of protective sheath that forms around the microbes, the garlic-derived compound busts right through.

The scientists were careful to point out that this research is in its early stages, and that simply rubbing garlic on your food will not kill a lot of bacteria (though it’ll probably taste pretty good). Some day, though, food packaging and prep surfaces treated with diallyl sulfate could kill bacteria passively, making the whole food chain safer.

My advice is too cook liberally with garlic!

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