Flawed Info on Fooducate today…

The following article was on Fooducate today.  It is simply not true.  While it IS true you should not eat fast food, the reasons they give are wrong.  First of all; French fries are not fried in saturated fats anymore in fast food restaurants. If they were it they would be far healthier! They are generally fried in soy or a mix of soy and other vegetable oils. Those fats are toxic, and then even worse for you when heated. 50% of each days calories should be from fat, 75% of that should be saturated and from organic grass fed animals. Disregard all of the info in the news cast…it based on flawed info.

High Fat Food – Straight to Your Bloodstream

Never Eat Fast Food French Fries Again

We know that greasy burgers and fries are no health food. But in this 2 minute ABC news clip from food coach Lori Corbin, you can actually see how all that saturated fat affects the bloodstream. In realtime.

The fat globules clog the blood vessels, making it harder for the heart to pump blood. But the buildup also has cognitive side effects- look for the rats swimming through a maze towards the end of the video.

Reminder: not all fats are created equally. Fat is an essential part of our diet. You just need to choose the healthy type that is commonly founds in nuts and seeds, avocados, and fish.

To View the Video and read article…

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