How Can People Who Gorge on Fat and Rarely See a Vegetable Be Healthier Than We Are?

The Inuit demonstrate that humans can survive in good health, without diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay or constipation, on a 70% (saturated) fat carnivorous diet.  Without oranges, where do they get vitamin C? Without grains, where do they get vitamin E? Without fiber how can they stay “regular”?  How do they maintain their probiotics? Eating so much saturated fat, why didn’t traditional Inuit endure chronic illnesses Americans believe come from consuming saturated fats?

While Atkins was mostly correct in his assertion that the human body can maintain normal weight and reasonable health on a very low carbohydrate, carnivorous diet, the Inuit show that he left out a few details.  He relied on muscle meat rather than organ meats, overlooked probiotics, did not include bone broth or bone-based foods for minerals and other invaluable elements, and more.  This could explain why dietary supplements are required for an Atkins diet, and may also explain why some people do not do well on this diet.  In his defense, however, for cultural reasons Americans are unlikely to embrace an Inuit-style diet.

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