Vertical garden- DIY

Today I am making a vertical garden planter.  I have a canvas shoe rack and am using burlap to make the inserts.

I got the idea when I saw a website for Wooly Pockets, they are awesome, but pricy.

They have some amazing installations.  Here are the two that inspired me;

Pics from the wooly Pocket Site.

I bought a roll of burlap a few years ago and use it for mulching and for weed control sometimes…when I had a square foot garden it entailed a LOT of weeding.  Since I switched to all container gardening I spend almost NO time weeding!   Hence I have a lot of burlap.

I am using a shoe rack I have an extra of; I have them in all my closets for organization.

Rubbermaid Hanging Canvas 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer

I am cutting 27 inch by 11 inch pieces of burlap to use for each insert.   I am then folding each one over so that each finished insert will be thick enough to stay damp for moisture retention.  I don’t want my plants drying out too much during the day.

Here is what one insert looks like;

Burlap Insert

Here is a pic showing how it will look in the rack;

Vertical Planter

Here’s a few pics I found for inspiration….


vertical garden

The one I am making right now will have strawberries and herbs in it.  I want to make another one for succulents but will use a pallet to plant in since I will want it to be permanent…

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