What to Eat For Breakfast..No Mystery..

Bowl of BlueberriesBacon and Eggs 2Bowl of Butter

Science Daily had an article today saying that eating a low glycemic food at breakfast will help you be satiated and keep the blood sugar from dropping later in the day.

Their suggestions on WHAT to eat?  Almonds,  Yep, that’s all they could come up with!  They also went on to say that as to what we actually should eat ; “This is a very tall order for food product manufacturers,” Shelke said. “It takes a lot of skill and understanding.”  They are saying our food manufacturers are going to have to get creative about producing a “food” that fits this criteria!

What absolute rubbish!

This mysterious food already exists!  It called bacon and eggs with a a small amount of fruit…or how we do it in the south, sliced tomatoes, maybe…

Here’s a few more suggestions (in case we can’t “figure it out”…)

Eggs, fried in Organic Butter with Turkey Bacon, Blueberries
Scrambled Eggs (fried in coconut oil) with Chicken Sausage, Sliced Tomatoes
Organic Scrambled Eggs with Butter, Salsa w/Fruit & Ezekiel Toast
Turkey Omelet & Melon
Mushroom and Onion Omelet/ Fresh Fruit Salad
Eggs Florentine with Rice Mozzarella and Pineapple/ Nuts
Vegetable and Turkey Bacon Omelet with Fresh Fruit
Grilled Chicken and  Egg Tostada, Fresh Fruit Salad
Roasted Turkey, Scrambled Eggs, Peaches
Broccoli & Turkey w/ Scrambled Eggs / Fruit Salad
Ezekiel Bread French Toast Stuffed with Rice Cream Cheese with Walnuts and Vanilla, Organic Maple Syrup or Bananas Sautéed with Butter

Breakfast should be 1/3 of our days nutrients and calories, approximately 650 to 700 calories.  Cook those eggs and bacon with about a T. butter, eat low glycemic veggies or a small serving of nutrient rich berries and you are set until lunch.  No drop in blood sugar, no hunger, no weight gain…no mystery!




2 Comments on “What to Eat For Breakfast..No Mystery..”

  1. Franca says:

    Millie thanks for this list of breakfast choices. Could you share some recipes, especially fo the omelettes. Thank you for all the good information you share!


    • mangogirl53 says:

      At this time I don’t have any omelt recipes written out..my focus has always been glten free choices and the recipes people are unfamilair with nowadays…stocks, suaces..etc. My book, The Criterion Diet, is now available as an eBook (link on left) and it is all recipes and menus.. I am now working to get my cookbook finished. I have been selling it for years as a Word doc but it will have about 400 recipes…


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