Green Man Gourmet in Avondale


I recently had the pleasure of offering a tasting of my Gluten and Lactose Free Desserts in the Green Man Gourmet store in lovely Avondale.  The tasting was  a huge success.   Many people have told me about the store and friends have brought be some samples of their spices, so I was very pleased to make it in finally.  The store is beautiful!, the owner a delight!  Never have I seen spices and herbs so beautifully displayed…the array of salts alone was awesome.

I Here are a few of the salts (hover over to see names of each salt)…

I got some Bonfire Smoked Salt and went straight home and cooked up a grass fed beef hamburger with it.  I was blown away by the flavor, best hamburger I have ever had!

Alderwood Smoked Sea SaltApplewood Smoked Sea SaltBolivian Rose

Chardonnay Oak SaltCyprus Black Lava SaltHawaiian Red Sea Salt

Himalayan Salt RockJapanese Aguni SaltHimalayan Salt Slab, Small


Orchid Oolong TeaOrchid Oolong from Green Man Gourmet

I have been looking for a source for Oolong tea and tried this one.  It is one of the best teas I have ever had, flowery and rich, a very relaxing concoction.  I can’t wait to go back and try some of the others…he has a wonderful section.

Also available are some wonderful accessories; black iron pans both new and used, high quality stainless steel pans and utensils, tea making accessories, beer and wines, chesses.  When I was in they were building a display for produce.

Please visit the store and the Website-  Green Man Gourmet.

They will be offering my Gluten and Lactose Free Desserts SOON!! 

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