Garden Update- Building More Grow Buckets

New Grow Buckets 3.23.12

Most of the plants I started under grow lights I got into grow buckets today.  I had to build 6 new ones this week.

From bottom of pic on left; an orange tree, Roma tomatoes, strawberries, cherry tomatoes.  Off to left; Malabar spinach, then Swiss chard, beets, more Swiss chard, and in blue barrel is sweet potatoes.

So this week I will get more 5 gallon buckets and plant the cucumbers, kale, larger cukes, more Malabar spinach and spinach.

Malabar spinach 3.23.12

Malabar spinach is one of the most beautiful plants I’ve grown. It grows in a spiral and twists around the supports.  The berries that came off of it last year sprout really easy so I have years worth of plants!

Here last years plant; I only got one, I ordered it from Neem Tree Farm.  This is where I get Neem Powder for brushing my teeth.

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