Worm Farm and New Rabbit Cage

Spring is sprung around here. Yeah, it’s still chilly outside but I have 4 inch high cucumbers growing, 6 tomatoes that are about 4 inches high, Swiss chard, beet greens, broccoli is got a head on it…came through the winter in a sub-irrigated container sitting on black plastic with more on the dance behind it. Soaks up warmth all day…

Cornelius 2.21.12

My Holland Lop bunny, Cornelius,  is 1 year old.  He just went from cage to condo.  I found it for cheap on Craigslist!  I also built a worm farm this last weekend; 2 Rubbermaid Tote, heavy ones, two small sections of wire shelving held together by 3 zip-ties so that the newspaper will stay damp and allow the liquid to run off into the bottom tub.  The top one has holes drilled on the bottom and up near the sides for ventilation.  The worms eat the newspaper and just about everything you put in there. Along with some soil, rabbit droppings mixed with sawdust from the rabbit cage and food scraps will be ready for the red worms soon.  I’ll have great fertilizer and a ready source of worm farm material.

Cornelius New Cage and Worm farm


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