Seems like Spring IS Here..

My garden thinks so anyway…lovin’ it!

I haven’t grown broccoli before..this plant has been growing outside since October, finally has one tiny little head on it…

Broccoli 2.2.12

The strawberry has bloomed, this has been outside all winter also.  All plants are in sub-irrigated containers.

Strawberry 2.2.12

Malabar spinach is such a beautiful plant…

Malabar Spinach 2.3.12

Before the cold got the tomato bush 2 weeks ago (it still had tomatoes ripening), I cloned it.  From the 3 I took one is growing nicely…  I have 8 more plants that are about 3 inches high that I just put in containers, but this one will give me tomatoes way earlier…

cloned Tomato 2.2.12

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