Stopping Monsanto


We all been outraged at Monsanto’s aggressive, even illegal, certainly immoral marketing and pollution practices lately.  we have all bitched voraciously all over the Internet.   Go HERE to read about their deplorable business practices.

So what can we do about it?  Yes, sign the petitions, re-post,  re-blog..spread the word!   And then?

Again’ VOTE with your Dollars!  Buy certified organic food, grow your own food… purchase heirloom seeds and organic seeds.  Learn how to grow from the seeds of your own food you raise. I bought seeds 4 years ago, am still using the same seed packets or have seeds from my last crop of tomatoes, Malabar spinach, lettuces.  The seed packets tell you to “broadcast the seeds” then thin the plants.  That is ridiculous!  Of coarse they want you to waste the seeds, and buy more next year.  I sprout each seed or direct plant into perlite and then soil.  

So let’s put Monsanto out of business, let’s do what they re most scared of; make our voices heard load and clear.  AND stop supporting them,, buy organic food, cleaning products, clothing..etc.   Stop supporting chemical companies, not just Monsanto.   Stop buying plastic, stop getting shopping bags (bring your own), stop getting take-out. 

Learn to live with less, buy better quality when you do. Re-use as much as possible.

It is possible to drastically lower your carbon footprint. This in turn impacts big business.

Every single choice you make has an impact.

And go to Millions Against Monsanto and speak out.

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