Why You DON”T Want to Do This!

Recently TheKitchn shared this tip to store Olive oil;

Storage Tip: Use an Enamel Coffee Pot for Olive Oil

2012_01_10-coffeepot.jpgThe enemies of olive oil are air and sunlight which cause oxidation and loss of flavor. There are many ways to protect your olive oil, but the most popular is to store your oil in a tinted bottle with a spout.

Here is why you do not want to do this;

Notice they say that “The enemies of olive oil are air and sunlight”.   That should read the enemy of any oil is oxygen and light.   When vegetable oils are removed from the foods they came in originally they immediately, upon exposure to oxygen begin to be rendered rancid.  Not one day later, not 3 weeks later, immediately!   when each fat molecule in non-saturated fats are exposed they are then rancid,  These oils should be used in extreme moderation, as a very small part of our fat intake, and they should never be heated.  Ever.  When heated they are highly carcinogenic. 

Personally, I rarely eat vegetable oils because when rancid (always) or heated they contribute to heart disease.  I get these type of fats from the foods they came in, by eating them whole; olives, nuts, avocadoes, green leafy vegetables.

BUT, if you are going to buy olive oil, follow these guidelines;

  • Buy only organic, virgin.
  • Buy in a small amount, in a dark bottle, from a store which has a fast turnover.
  • Keep MOST of it in the freezer, if you use it quickly keep it in the refrigerator tightly closed, in the dark.
  • Use no more than a Tablespoon or so a week and always use fresh, never heated in salad dressings and mayonnaise.
  • Again; never cook with it.

For more info-  Why You Should Be Cooking with Saturated Fats

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