A New Year…

Happy New Year!  As we go into the new year let’s make it a year for changes, positive changes.  I have recently changed the name of my business, along with my business site and blog name.

The new name is Criterion Living

cri·te·ri·on- a standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating something.

I consider a Traditional Human Diet the gold standard of nutrition. NOT low fat, not a diet to lose weight, not caloric restriction, not vegan or vegetarian..good old-fashioned traditional fats, proteins and veggies.  All organic, preferably local, cooked fresh and enjoyed. NOT eating on the run, skipping meals, being afraid of food.

Let THIS year be the year you get healthy, learn what great nutrition is, help yourself and others to achieve goals.

Let’s turn off the TV, return to spending quality time with each other, talking to our spouses and children, luxuriating in the pleasures of great food, abundant health and happiness and great conversation.

Let’s skip a movie and take a walk, practice yoga.

Turn off the dryer and use the clothesline.

Let’s stop whining and do something to make a difference!

Let’s work at giving and sharing what we have with each other; our talents, our happiness.  Find out which friends have small businesses and talents and SUPPORT them!

And most importantly; Let’s learn to live each day, each moment from a deep well of gratitude. It’s amazing how different life looks when we appreciate what we have.

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