This Whole Dieting Craze…

It’s funny how the word "diet" has come to mean something you do for a time to achieve weight loss.  "Diet" is what we eat each day; Humans have a diet we should follow just like all other animals.  It should not vary that much from person to person; 2000 calories a day from REAL food, not products, nothing out of boxes or cans, plenty of healthy saturated fats from organic sources, organic protein from animals that are grass fed, free range, kindly treated and NATURALLY fed (NOT corn)…and don’t make it low fat…and vegetables as our main source for carbs. 

When will Americans learn there are no easy, quick fixes…no gimmicks or diets that will let you do something short term, get healthy…and then go back to doing what got you  there in the first place?

Let this be the year you get healthy and as a great side effect, lose that weight…

  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more fat
  • Learn about the glycemic index and use it! 

Want to learn more?   Click here- Criterion Living

  • Book a cooking class with a group of friends
  • Schedule an appointment for a Month of Nutrition Coaching
  • Use my Personal Cooking Service to jump start getting healthy…use it to learn how to eat while you are getting healthier.

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One Comment on “This Whole Dieting Craze…”

  1. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge says:

    Great info, I’m very interested in this stuff, thanks for the sites. I will be checking them out.


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