Nutrition Coaching

  • Do you never feel like you have enough energy?
  • Are you more tired when you wake up than when you went to bed? Feel like a truck hit you when it’s time time to get up?
  • Are you over weight, tried diet after diet?
  • Do you or a member of your family have IBS, or Spastic Colitis?
  • Do you have an autistic child?
  • Are you a cancer patient, are you going through chemo or have serious health problems?

Through Nutrition Coaching you can learn the basics of nutrition that will allow you to heal, meet your nutrient needs and feel substantially better within a few weeks.

· All Consultations Include;

· Three Day Diet Analysis- a look at your caloric and nutrient intake and percentages from fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

· Two Hour Consultation A comprehensive look at all of the lifestyle choices you are making that effect your health, energy, weight and appearance.

  •  My book; Optimum Nutrition, a guide to making the changes, what will occur during that time and the latest nutrition information on what constitutes perfect nutrition…and why! It has a grocery store and health food store list, it walks you through grocery shopping, meal planning, how to eat out and/or travel, and eat healthy, how to get your kids to do this and love it! It guides you through restocking your kitchen, detoxing and losing weight while completely meeting your nutrient needs.

Nutrition Coaching Packages;

· Optimum Nutrition Consultation with Month long Coaching- $495. – You will begin by emailing me a food diary each day for 3 days. . The Initial Coaching Session is approximately two hours long. This will include a diet review and a look at overall health issues. You will receive my how to book on nutrition and a 800 recipe cookbook in software form.

o Optimum Nutrition Consultation – A Two Hour Consultation-$295. – You will begin by emailing me a food diary each day for 3 days. The Coaching Session is approximately two hours long. This will include a diet review and a look at overall health issues and my recommendations for the changes that need to occur to bring you to optimum health.

o Coaching by the Week- $175.- You submit your daily food intake by email and I will email you back an analysis showing percentages of caloric intake by fat, protein and carbs as well as showing all nutrient levels are meeting or missing. I will tell you how you can adjust to better meet your needs. This allows you to tweak each day and get on the right track.

o Coaching by the Month- $295. This is for people who have more than 10 to 15 pounds to lose, or who want a longer hands on experience.

o Student Package- High School or College Student (Under 24) $225- If cost is a factor, and you are under 24 years old, then my two week coaching Program is available to you at a reduced fee. (current student ID required).

· Buy My Book and/or Cookbook-My book, Optimum Nutrition, is a complete guide to following my dietary recommendations. Combined with the Cookbook, you have all the tools you need to get up and running and feeling better and lose weight quickly, but safely!

Health Food or Grocery Store Tour $150.- Overwhelmed by all the choices, don’t know where to start? I will take you to the health food store, guide you through the choices and help you create a personal shopping list to restock your kitchen with lactose and gluten free products, high quality meats, fats and oils.

Please email for appointment-

* Payment is required at the time the appointment is made, and before I begin analyzing your food diaries.

* Please allow 24 notice if you need to cancel an appointment or payment in full is required.


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