Garden Update…

I am finally settled in to the new house, everything put away, organized…challenging..I went from having a garage to just a carport… 

On the up side, I went from a gorgeous little private backyard with a TON of bamboo and shrubbery I had to continually a huge, just as private, backyard with almost no shrubbery but a canopy of huge oak trees..huge, old oak trees…filled with squirrels and birds..

SucculentsThe succulents are happy…gotta get them planted…maybe a vertical wall?


It’s blank slate though, almost.  Two big bushes of Lantana are against the fence, a third of the yard has ground cover; Ivy, wandering Jew, ferns…very low maintenance.  I have put up three rain barrels and a hammock.   Comfy Adirondack chairs on the porch, an air chair. In the front yard I planted hydrangeas, Lily’s my Aunt Jean gave me 5 years ago, plumbago, bougainvillea, basil, Salvia..   The seedling will get planted out front in a few weeks, after being under grow light; Poppies, Vinca, Onions, more basil, rosemary…

Swiss chard 8.16.11Swiss Chard in Sub-Irrigated container. I build them out of 5 gallon buckets.

sweet potatoes 8.15.11I’ll be digging sweet potatoes in another 2 months…

Malabar spinach 8.15.11Malabar Spinach.  I bought this through Neem Tree Farms.

I have 5 feet high tomato plants..glad I grow in sub-irrigated containers…I moved the tomatoes and barrels of sweet potatoes from the other house…

Monday; I started sprouting seeds about a week ago. The lettuces are about an inch high…I’ll be eating baby lettuce in about a week to 10 days! Today I planted tropical milkweed, Poppies, Roma tomatoes, beets, Swiss chard, sunflowers, cucumbers, rosemary, more morning glories. 

I laid down garden timbers to start an area for all the containers to go…on rocks so drainage will be good and it’ll look good.  I got wire to put up on the fence posts for the tomatoes and cucumbers to grow up..  I’m hanging a trellis in front of the front window facing east..will help keep it cool and will look pretty with cucumbers and morning glory growing on it…gorgeous to watch the sun coming up through in the morning…over my desk…

Tuesday; Today I put up the second part of the compost bin…first one getting full of yard trimmings, kitchen scraps, paper, bunny poop with sawdust.  It’s getting hotter…up to about 120 degrees…starts happening fast with all that green, wet material. 

I also put up the solar shower, very basic with 50 feet of black hose and a shower head…actually a sprinkler head that gives me 10 different kinds of sprays…a great luxury in an outdoor shower.  the coiled hose lays in the sun all day and by noon gives a great hot shower…but feels great cold earlier in the day after yard work



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