has Apple turned It’s back on the People harmed in It’s factories?

Even though Apple’s Chinese consumers bask in the luxurious image Apple has built for them, their workers oftentimes live far from the high life. While it isn’t that they outright put their workers in danger, it’s that Apple is so slow to react when things go wrong.

NPR has a lengthy piece regarding the ongoing health issues of one Jia Jingchuan, a 27-year-old former employee at Wintek, a company that manufactures iPhone parts. He’s one of the many workers who continues to suffer from nerve damage after being exposed to the now-illegal N-hexane chemical used in their screen cleaning products. While Apple has since responded to the issue—among many others—by banning the use of the chemical and pledging to follow-up with and monitor the treatment of the affected workers, Jia has had to pay for his own medical care. When he tries to reach them, he gets no response. And Steve Jobs won’t return his letters. In the meantime, he must get by without a job and without any prospects.

has Apple turned It’s back on the People harmed in It’s factories?

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