For our next GOOD 30-Day Challenge, we are going to try and “unplug at 8,” which means no internet after 8:00 PM. Our staff was informed of this challenge last week, and as you can see by most of our reactions, we are definitely concerned about how we’ll get by with no internet at night. But, as we all know, that’s what makes it a challenge! 

Keep us abreast as to what you are doing with your free time from the internet by using the #30DaysofGOOD tag. Of course, we’ll consider it cheating if we see a timestamp after 8:00 PM, so make sure to update either before then or the following day. We’ll make sure to provide you with things to do with your newfound no-net time, as well as report upon our own findings throughout the month. 

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I’m in & yes, I am addicted to the internet, mostly tumblr because you are too good.

Less internet. More reading and friends and beer. 

Millie; I turned off my home phone and cable TV this year, put my whole network on a timer so that it goes off at 9 o’clock and doesn’t come on until 8 the next morning..  It keep sme from compulisivly checking email or just surfing…or even working too much!  I read, get up real early and garden.

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