Garden Update

I moved a month ago and am very glad that I do almost all my gardening in sub-irrigated containers. A lot of it was up and running quickly or transplanted ok. The banana tree likes it better here, the 7 foot pony tail palm got a new pot and is flourishing.  It had been planted in the yard at  the old house.

My Malabar spinach is doing good, vining up the tomato cage.  I just planted Hydrangeas today.  The bougainvillea is starting to creep up the the trellis, my favorite, the Plumbago was too big to move;


My flowers I put in the window boxes didn’t do good; I guess I’m spoiled with having everything in the sub-irrigated buckets because they need WAY less water than pouring water on plants in the ground…in fact they only use 10% of the water than a soil grow.  And there is very little evaporation, in fact when it’s real hot and tomatoes are going through SO much water putting plastic across the soil saves water.

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