I Got a Bunny!


I inherited a cat, Jordon, 8 years ago when I moved to a new house.  the previous owner left her (who does that???)   I’m glad they did though, she’s a sweetie.  She finally moved with me to this house last month after a few trips back to the other place.  But I am allergic to her so she lives outside.

I have been giving much thought to getting a pet that would be a good match…I’m not a dog person, want something cuddly.  Last week when taking a walk I saw two beautiful black rabbits frolicking in my neighbors yard…just hanging out.  So when I got home I researched on the net what bunnies were like as pets.  I learned that they make great pets as well as producing fertilizer that doesn’t need to be composted. 

Further reading lead me to discovering Holland Lop rabbits.  Viola!  I found a pet. And, LOL…he’s pedigreed, a show bunny!

He is gentle, cuddly, clean, sleeps all night and I love him!   I’ve named him Cornelius…he’s busy exploring the house…


One Comment on “I Got a Bunny!”

  1. Brian says:

    Congrats on the bunny! I had a couple in the past. Great pets. Just be very careful of electrical cords. They love to chew.


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