My Favorite Websites and Blogs

I have had numerous requests for a list of the websites I love. Most of these I read daily;


imageThis site is one that I read every new post, every day. It’ll keep you abreast of new tech, software worth knowing about and TONS of tips and how-to’s.  A must for anyone who wants to be more tech savvy.


imageThis website is a great source for all about gadgets and the newest tech.

EWG – Environmental Working Group

imageThis site a an incredible resource for learning about what’s toxic and how to help lower your bodies exposure.  My favorite link in the site in SkinDeep; a resource for very personal care product you can imagine and how toxic it is, or isn’t..with the governments white paper on toxicity.

Weston Price Foundation

imageThis website explores the research of Weston Price who studied the effects on modern diets on humans and teaches how to follow a Traditional Human Diet. An amazing resource!

imageThis site will give you the REAL truth about cholesterol; why it’s your best friend and why yopur life depends on it.

Cook’s Illustrated

imageThis is consistently, year after year, the ONLY website I pay to join; amazing recipes, how-to’s, product and equipment reviews AND America’s Test Kitchen..all in one site that is the definitive how to cook site!

Apartment Therapy

imageHome design, Tech, Green Living, How to decorate, ideas, inspiration..just plain fun…I explore this site consistently.

Yanko Design Modern Industrial Design News

imageBecause I’m such a Nerd..I LOVE design, form…a look at how creative humans are…and how our minds work..

Path to Freedom

imageAnother Website that I NEVER miss a post.  This site inspired me to begin growing my own food, to make high heat compost a priority, to install my outdoor solar shower…to realize my little bit of land could support me and feed me!

No Impact Man

imageI was a HUGE fan long before he published an article I wrote.  This man inspired me to begin using a sawdust toilet, to really radicalize me environmentalism..  and I thought I was hard-core.  But he nudged me .My kids thought I was crazy raising them without the use of paper towels or a dryer.  But give up toilet paper…Read about he and his wife’s debate on this subject!

The Garden Web

 imageYou can learn about any aspects of growing most anything here; find the threads about your area of interest or area of the country…I love reading threads where people lend experience and wisdom, and have a bunch of different opinions.  You can settle in and study and take the advice that resonates with you.

The Smart Gardener via Michael Pollen


here’s what Lifehacker had to say- 

Smart Gardener is a free webapp that makes planning a garden really easy. The app lets you drag and drop garden beds to layout your garden and helps you find plants perfect for your location, then it generates an intelligent plan and even sends timely gardening reminders.

Smart Gardener may be helpful even for people without green thumbs, because it offers suggestions based on your specific location, time of year, and other details, even down to your garden’s orientation to the sun and how many adults and children are in your household. In addition to smart gardening plan, the app offers personalized advice for plant care and harvesting, with weekly email reminders if you wish. It seems almost foolproof..

These should keep ya busy a while.  .To be continued……

One Comment on “My Favorite Websites and Blogs”

  1. Zoe says:

    Thank you for the awesome links!!!


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