How eating Organic and Healthy Saves You Money

colorPeople tell me all the time that they cannot afford to eat organic.  My feeling is that no one can afford NOT TO!

It is true that in the past organic food was much more expensive than the other alternatives. However the demand for these foods and products are so high now that the cost is often the same or lower!  Last week organic strawberries at Publix were cheaper than the regular ones!

Most people buy a lot of prepared foods, frozen foods, convenience foods. The cost of these foods is absurd, you are paying for other people to do the work for you. I put my food dollars toward high quality food sand o the labor myself.  I make everything from scratch (yogurt, spice mixes, bone broths, desserts, tortillas. etc.) and everything I eat is organic.  I grow a lot of my own green leafy vegetables in sub-irrigated containers I built out of 5 gallon buckets.

I know you must be says..yeah, she must stay home and do that full time. I do not. I work a 50 hour a week job, run a small business, maintain a blog, write prolifically.  These things do not take a lot of time. Making the grow buckets 2 years ago did, Learning how to grow food did.  Growing in buckets means way less watering, my water bill is very low. I do almost no weeding. I never buy many herbs, I never buy green veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers.  I make my own skin cleaner (it the best I have ever used and costs me about 20 bucks a year). 

Bust eating organically also means better health.  Eating whole food means great health.  I eat only fat, meat, veggies and fruit.  Nothing that needs a label to tell me what is in it. I don’t eat veggie based meals (too many carbs), I don’t eat bean based meals (not healthy).

I eat wonderful decadent grass fed meat or organic meat every meal.  I have two to three eggs cooked in butter or coconut oil every morning with turkey bacon or skinless chicken sausage, blueberries or fruit in season, homemade coconut milk yogurt. A 700 calorie breakfast that is going to keep me going with very high energy for 5 or 6 hours.  Last night I had a 9 ounce sirloin steak, a small sweet potato with 1 Tablespoon of butter, Swiss chard cooked with coconut oil, garlic and caramelized onions.  2 ounces of dark chocolate and 1/2 a mango later in the evening, a great lunch during the day…What more could a person ask for??

My food cost is about $50.00  a week.  See my grocery list and plan for the week here.

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