Doctors Required to Study Nutrition ONLY 25 HOURS????

And most don’t meet that requirement!!

I was having a conversation recently with someone who just quit smoking.   A friend of her commented that a doctor has told her the body cleans out nicotine from the system in 3 days. When I commented that that was simply not true, she said, “Well, I guess you think you know more about that than a doctor would?”

In a word, yes. In the early part of my career teaching applied nutrition I was very surprised that doctors were not educated about nutrition!  

I’m no longer surprised…….

by the doctor who told me she was uninterested in teaching her patients to heal to the degree that I teach my clients…she said that they would not have to see her as often, which would affect her income.

by doctors who continue to tell patients that nutrition has no affect on treating and recovering from cancer.

by a doctor who got up and walked out of a class I was teaching on nutrition after commenting that if a person had a gene for cancer then NOTHING they did as far as lifestyle choices would keep them from getting cancer.

an Endocrinologist who recently told a client that he just didn’t know much about nutrition.

Mayo clinic recently told a client of mine (a young man who had gone into diabetic shock with no warning signs or history of diabetes)…to just keep eating what he had been all his life, just eat HALF THAT AMOUNT OF FOOD FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!  

the doctor that told me my chronic ear infections were due to my getting my ears wet when I showered…and his suggestion?   To put Silly Putty in my ears!   A month later when I went off of dairy completely, that ear infection cleared up and I’ve NEVER had another one (going on 24 years now!)

I could go on and on with these stories…

Research has increasingly pointed to a link between the nutritional status of Americans and the chronic diseases that plague them. Between the growing list of diet-related diseases and a burgeoning obesity epidemic, the most important public health measure for any of us to take is watching what we eat.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill asked nutrition educators from more than 100 medical schools to describe the nutrition instruction offered to their students. While the researchers learned that almost all schools require exposure to nutrition, only about a quarter offered the recommended 25 hours of instruction, a decrease from six years earlier, when almost 40 percent of schools met the minimum recommendations. In addition, four schools offered nutrition optionally, and one school offered nothing at all. And while a majority of medical schools tended to intersperse lectures on nutrition in standard, required courses, like biochemistry or physiology, only a quarter of the schools managed to have a single course dedicated to the topic.


One Comment on “Doctors Required to Study Nutrition ONLY 25 HOURS????”

  1. I teach “food” not nutrition at NY Medical College. Its part of a 4th year elective in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I get two days with them.

    Most students are blown away with what I cover which includes a trip to the supermarket and a cooking class. These kids don’t know the first thing about taking care of themselves, much less have any understanding of the role that food plays in health and in disease. They are too darn busy studying for board exams.


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