Babies Don’t Need Much Equipment

Green Baby Care from Planet

First Step Katie’s first step

I read the above article and was struck recently…or I should say, again…at how accessorized we are.  The whole idea of buying a fortune in equipment to raise a baby always struck me as weird.  I never used cribs, all my kids slept with me until they were ready and secure enough to sleep with the next oldest sibling.  I used a cloth front  pack, then a backpack when they about 6 months old……keeping them close…and happy.  I breastfed the last 4, I swear I could leave the house with some cloth diapers and just the kids…no bottles…and those big ole cloth diapers were perfect as a blanket, a changing pad, a burp pad…  The first year you have all the food you need already “on board”…what could be easier??

All those “products”?   Who needs them?

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