Cucumbers Have Sprouted! Finally, a Garden Update…

cucumber1I’ve always liked cucumbers, not loved them..but enjoyed them.  Just not to the degree to which I love , say…tomatoes..or onions..  until this year.  As I have begun growing them, and making pickles…I have grown to love them. Mainly because they are such beautiful, delightful grow.  They pop right up out of the soil, quickly…looking robust and they just burst forth in growth immediately…and they are so beautiful…the delicate leaves and tiny vines that twist around everything are such a gorgeous shade of green.

Then there are the flowers. The sweetest yellowiest delicate little things, they just make me happy to look at them.  I grew them indoors last year, didn’t get much fruit…mainly because I didn’t get the hang of helping them pollinate..but I had hundreds of beautiful flowers in my living room! 

Picture 270

Then I sat a grow bucket on my front step…the plant loved it, it grew up a chain by my front door.  All I had to do was reach out and grab one or two. 

I used to think February was such a drab month, always overcast and cold…but now inside my house are seedlings popping out;  Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard, beets, scallions, Stevia, lettuces red and green.  Outdoors the greens are recovering from the cold of a few weeks ago…



Gotta get these strawberries planted, I’m making growing bags out of burlap, like hanging shoe pocket things…will keep you posted…..

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