Finally! A Garden Update..

It’s been forever, I know..  And I have been gardening all along…just focused on other things, ya’ll!   Mainly blogging, working, looking for more work, my daughter moved in…all kind of things…

It’s storming like crazy here tonight…but in the kitchen;

Picture 672 Lavender, Cactus, and strawberries.

Picture 673 New strawberry leaf

Picture 676 Strawberries, finally flowering..

Picture 681 Baby Lettuce, a few of these I will let grow into heads, each one will give me months of lettuce…and in the meantime I eat delicate little baby lettuces sprinkled over thick tomato slices (which are still blooming and have ripening tomatoes on them outside). 

Picture 685 Purple peppers are still blooming and have ripening fruit, too.  They, like the tomatoes, have fared WAY better in sub-irrigated containers, made out of 5 gallon buckets.

Picture 682 Picture 688 Here’s the cucumbers, growing up a chain by my front door..

Picture 687 Basil and thyme are doing great…

Picture 691 These beets greens just keep producing for months as long as I keep taking the outside leaves off to et for dinner..

Most of these plants will come inside under the grow lights soon…but for now, they’re doing great. The lowest the temperature has gotten here is 41 degrees so far and it didn’t faze any of them…


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