I’m opening a Brothel..Read on…

Yep, it’s true…I’m opening a brothel…LOL!

About a month ago I began offering beef and chicken stocks to my clients. They are an essential part of eating a traditional human diet..there is simply no other way to get the calcium you so desperately need. Since the 50’s people have stopped making stocks.  All those stupid commercials for drugs like Boniva say, “when diet and exercise are not enough”….

Guess what?  Diet and exercise ARE ALWAYS ENOUGH!!  Period! No exceptions..

beef stock

The response has been incredible, I am now making close to 15 quarts of stock each week.  I offer them for pick-up each Monday evening…so let me know what you want…go to my webpage for details..  Please order by Thursday of the week before… Optimum Nutrition – Meat Stocks

I also offer raw butter, coconut milk yogurt, salad dressings and fresh mayonnaise, along with gluten free wedding cakes and desserts.

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