In Praise of Mason Jars

I grew up with a grandmother who put up tomatoes every yerar, squash, guava jelly and butter, all in mason jars. They were used to catch fireflies at night in the orange grove, lady bugs during the day, to hold marbles, make tea…

I do love mason jars, ..this from Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest

Mason jars

We know that having such a fondness for an inanimate object is a little strange. But growing up with a mom who pickled every vegetable in sight and spent entire days during the summer months turning lugs of fruit into gleaming jars of strawberry, apricot, and boysenberry jam — well, we can’t help ourselves. We love Mason jars. And from making your own kombucha to growing your own alfalfa sprouts, there are so many ways to love them. We’re rounding up a quick list after the jump (please add your own!)

mason jar and flower

Read on……

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