Easy ways to cut your consumption:

hemp bags 1. Bring a reusable bag wherever you go. Excess bags just add to the landfill and you don’t need them in the first place. There’s no reason not to do this.

2. Ditch the processed food. It takes unnecessary energy to produce it, as well as tons of packaging.

3. Make your own cleaning products. Cleaning products (even eco-friendly varieties) often come in plastic bottles and they are trucked in from who knows where wasting tons of fossil fuels. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean with, buy Soap Nuts to do laundry with (many health foods stores sell them) and use organic dish soap.

4. drop of water Calculate your water footprint. How can you know where you need to cut water usage if you don’t know how much you’re using and where you’re using it?  Use very low flow shower heads.  Hardware stores have a 1.5 GPM with a shut-off valve.

5. Don’t drink milk. Livestock consumes much of the land on the planet, whether for meat or dairy, and creates literally tons and tons of pollution, estimates are in the 1/5th of all greenhouse gases range.

6. Wear less makeup. Using less makeup will save us on resources and money, and you’ll look better too. Or buy all organic, with minimal packaging.

7. kleen kanteen blue Drink NO bottled water. The U.S. sends two million tons of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottled water packaging to the landfill each year. Just drink the tap. I have never pchased bottled water, it’s easy to use a Kleen Kanteen or glass bottle.

8. Wash your clothes in cold water. About 90 percent of the energy used for washing clothes is for heating the water. Never use the dryer, there is no reason to waste the energy, indoor drying racks work great…and outdoor clotheslines.

9. Pass up eating lunch out, bring your own grub. Let me count the reasons why. There’s the immense shipping programs emitting harmful gases, the millions of tons of waste generated annually, and not to mention the total lack of nutritional value in fast food restaurant’s most popular menu items.

10)  I use a non-disposable razor, an old-fashioned stainless steel, very high quality razor that uses double edged blades. It was 24.00 from ClassicShaving.com. The blades are 10 for 5.99, and they are double edged! They give the closest, smoothest shave you can imagine! No disposable blade can compare.

10. Skip Starbucks (for a LOT of reasons!) and brew your own coffee. Once we factor in the cost of the gourmet coffee and the cost of driving there, each time we brew a cup at home, we save about the equivalent of a gallon of gas.

11. Shut down your PC. If every American worker remembers to turn off their computer at night, the nation’s companies would prevent the release of 39,452 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions, save $4.7 million in utility costs, and reduce energy consumption by 54.3 million kilowatt-hours per day.

12. Skip the store bought cereal and eat organic eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, it’s way healthier.  Cereal usually comes in a plastic bag within a cardboard box that all gets thrown away at least once a week if not more. Better yet, skip all grains entirely, they aren’t healthy, are all empty carbs.

13. Grow some of your own food. This way you don’t have to buy it and it’s about as local as possible.

14. Add insulation to your attic. The Rocky Mountain Institute estimates it will save you 2,142 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions–through the heat your home retains in winter and doesn’t gain in the summer–and hundreds of dollars in lower energy bills.

3 Comments on “Easy ways to cut your consumption:”

  1. Nicky says:

    That’s a good collection of tips. Different from the usual ones. I’ve been working on our laundry energy. Big energy savings can be had with the right combination on laundry equipment. The new front-load washers not only use less water, but they do not need hot water AND the spin the clothes out so fast that they come out almost dry.
    Then just take those ‘almost dry’ clothes and hang them up on a laundry drying rack like this one.
    Clean dry laundry with very little water usage and great energy savings!


  2. David Martinez says:

    Best 1.5 gpm showerheads are not found in hardware stores, but are available online. My favorite with a shut-off valve is made by High Sierra Showerheads.


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