I love Blueberry Season!

Blueberries in yellow bowl Here is one of my favorite recipes:

Pear Blueberry Brown Betty (Gluten Free)

makes 8

2 T. sugar

5 slices Ezekiel Bread

$ whole pears

3 T. honey

1 T. arrowroot

1/3 t. ginger

1 teaspoon Brandy or a few drops of Brandy Extract

1cup pear  nectar

2 T. organic butter

3/4 cup blueberries

1)  Cut Ezekial bread in small cubes, toast in oven until crisp. Toss with butter
2)  Combine pears, cut in small cubes, with honey, ginger, arrow root, brandy extract and nectar.

3)  Butter muffin tins, sprinkle bottom with sugar. strain pears, retaining liquid, toss bread cubes with 2/3 of the liquid. Line bottom of each tin with one layer of bread cubes, top with one T. of pears,  1 teaspoon of blueberries, then more bread cubes. It will stick up above the top of the tins. Drizzle the remaining pear nectar on each     "muffin".

4)  In a 350° preheated oven, place the tins on middle shelf, place a large baking pan filled with water on top to weigh the crisps down.  You can use a cookie sheet with something heavy on top. (such as a metal or Pyrex bowl, or a heavy iron frying pan. ) 

5)  bake for 30 minutes, then remove whatever you have sitting on top and bake 10 more minutes. Cool COMPLETLY before removing from tins or they will fall apart.

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