Breakfast Cereals (and grains in general) are Not Fit for Human Consumption

From Nourish Magazine;

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Breakfast Cereals

These cleverly marketed, attractively boxed ‘foods’ are in my opinion one of the most unhealthy foods in your supermarket.

And it’s not just me who thinks this.

According to Dr. Peter Dingle, a Western Australian Toxicologist and author of “My Dog Eats Better than Your Kids” and “The DEAL for Happier, Healthier, and Smarter Kids”, McDonalds makes a more nutritious breakfast than Cornflakes!

Even Choice Magazine agrees with me. They looked at the top 10 selling children’s breakfast cereals and concluded that you may as well have a candy bar for breakfast they were so high in sugar and lacking in nutrients. Iron man food they most definitely are not.

Besides the addition of sugar and refined salt, breakfast cereals are made from highly processed grains. You might start off with a nice healthy whole grain but by the time you’ve puffed it or turned it into a nice crunchy flake, you’re left with something your body no longer recognises as food. The process used to make the little ‘O’s, pellets, shreds, flakes and other shapes in your cereal bowl is called ‘extrusion’. The extrusion process damages the nutrients and proteins in the grain leaving them devoid of nutrients, highly toxic and not much more than empty calories – watch this space, they will be the trans fats of the future. For more info on the dangers of the extrusion process read Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry by Sally Fallon

From my website; Optimum Nutrition

Let’s look at 3 different breakfasts and see which one is healthiest.  I have used oatmeal for one breakfast, and a breakfast cereal is FAR less nutritious and has way more sugar and chemicals!

Let’s compare a common (and so-called healthy) breakfast food to another choice one could have, and then compare that to a healthy breakfast. Breakfast should provide you with a third of the calories and nutrients you need for the whole day. This also gives you plenty of calories for energy.


When I leave the house in the morning with approximately 700 calories under my belt, I am not hungry, have high energy, have about 1/3 of my nutrients and calories for the day and have very high energy!  I am not looking for stuff to snack on, experiencing a sugar high from an all carb breakfast, have no blood sugar crash halfway through the morning.  Then around one or two o’clock I feel natural hunger, so I eat a lunch with about another 500 to 600 calories (generally what ever I made for dinner that I take with me in a small insulated lunch box).  Then I am good to go until dinner time later.

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