What Health Really Is


By Millie Barnes

Perfect health may be defined as having fullness of function. Health means complete well being, inner and outer harmony, vigor, strength, mental acuity, emotional poise, in short, total fitness.

The easiest place to begin addressing achieving perfect health is on the physical level through optimum nutrition and physical exercise. When we maintain a diet that nurtures us fully and keeps our bodies in shape through rigorous exercise, the rest falls into place. We cannot have a healthy mind within an ailing body. We need a diet that lets our bodies run efficiently while meeting our nutrient needs. We need an exercise regimen that challenges our bodies so they can stay strong and limber.

Lets look at the nutrition aspect of it first. What constitutes a perfect human diet? They requirements that we have for food are; it should meet all of our nutritional needs for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, protein, fiber and moisture. It should also not be allergenic, leaving behind a residue or contain toxins. The foods that meet all of these criteria are organic meats, eggs, fats, fruits and vegetables. Preferably fresh and in season. They are all burned efficiently in the body and meet all of our nutrient needs. When food is this nourishing, it provides perfect fuel for us, giving us very high energy, beauty and optimum health. And this, in turn, leads to emotional poise and growth. That is what the word nourish means,” to promote the growth of.”

And how does exercise play a hand in this? When our diet gives us enough health and energy, it is very difficult NOT to be in motion. That is what our bodies are made for, to be in motion. We need to not strive for 30 minutes three times a week to do aerobic exercise. We needs to feel so wonderful and filled with energy that we WANT TO GO OUT TO PLAY. We want to do the things that keep our bodies fit and graceful, but we want to love doing it so that it is play, not work. Think running, skiing, roller-blading, surfing, yoga, riding a bike, hiking, lifting weights.  You need resistance exercise, aerobic exercise and some form of serious stretching, such as yoga. When you are physically fit, you do these things because they feel great and are fun. Just like you did when you were a child. To get lost in it, not think of time, in the moment.  It’s that meditative state of perfect balance.

When your body is in motion, it stimulates the digestion, aids in detoxing, provides wonderfully addictive endorphins that help us be happier and more relaxed, keeps our cardio-vascular system healthy, tones muscles, stimulate the lymph system and brings our consciousness back into our body as well as our head. When things are working this well, you return to that high playful energy level that you had as a child. I call it that “wag your tail, on your toes” kind of feeling. Within two weeks of beginning to eat cleaner and exercise more, you can notice a substantial difference in how you look and feel. Everything in life is a whole lot funner when you feel wonderful everyday.

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