FAQ- How the Service Works

  • How large are the portions?

Portions are generous; all Entrees are between 8 and 10  ounces, all sides are about 16 ounces.  Most people with a normal appetite get 2 servings from each dish.  The Entrees are 8 to 10 ounces. I recommend 4 ounces of protein per meal. The sides are generous, so can be split for two meals.

  • What areas of town do you deliver to?

I deliver to most areas of town. I deliver to the Beaches; Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Sawgrass and Marsh Landing   I do not deliver south of Sawgrass. I  deliver to  Mandarin as far as Mandarin Rd. .  I deliver downtown as far north as Beaver St.  I deliver to all of Ortega but no further that Timiquana. I deliver to Mandarin as far south as 295-North.

  • How do I pay each week?

Payment is made at the time the order is placed; please email me your credit card info when your first order is placed and I will keep it on file for all orders.  You may email be part of it and text the rest for security purposes (text to 904-520-3448).   Please provide the following info;  Credit Card number,  Expiration Date,  3 or 4 Digit Security Code (on front of Amex, back of card for all others), Zip Code associated with that card.

  •  Do I have to order each week or sign a contract?

No, there is no contract. Order when you want, I have many clients that travel or have varying work schedules, so you can be very flexible.  Feel free to try the service and see if it works for you!  You will be amazed at how quickly you begin to feel better by eating healthier meals!

  • Is there a delivery fee?

There is a $12. Delivery fee to the beaches, east of Southside Blvd. There is a $16.00 delivery fee to Mandarin.

  • How do I get the menus?

Menus are emailed each week on Mondays; orders are due no later than NOON on Thursdays for the following weeks order.

  • Is there a minimum order required?

Yes, for me to deliver to you there is a $50. minimum order PER DELIVERY. That means you would need to order $50. of food for Tuesday and $50. for Friday. .  If you pick up there is no minimum.

  • What if I need to cancel an order?

Orders CANNOT be cancelled any later than noon on Friday.   This is when I put the orders together and begin ordering for the following weeks groceries.

  • What days can I get a delivery?

I deliver each Tuesday and Friday.

  • What time do you deliver?

Delivery is generally between 10:00 and 3:00, as I deliver all over the city and to the beaches, I cannot tell you exactly what time I will deliver. Most people provide me with a key and I place the food in your refrigerator and pick up the containers from the previous delivery. Another option is to set out a cooler with freezer packs.  If you have a refrigerator in your garage you may provide me with the code or a garage opener.

  • What containers do you deliver in?

I use Glad Freezer containers that are BPA free.

  • There is a onetime container fee; $30.00 (for Glad containers; one to deliver in, one for me to pick up each delivery and one for the times you forget to leave them for pickup or when you order dishes that require more large containers (like salads) . Containers MUST be returned at each delivery, or I have to buy more containers for you. Containers from each delivery must come back to me clean and dry. Please do not put lids on, stack them please. This allows the food and soap odor to dissipate.  There is a $10.00 cleaning fee if your containers come back dirty.
  • What if I haven’t eaten all of the meals you have delivered, how do I return containers?  
  • You will need to place the remaining food in your own containers as these are for meals to deliver the meals in. Or you can purchase a second set so there is back-up. I order three full sets but sometimes use more of the big ones on each delivery. For instance if you order a salad it will be in one of the larger containers.

Unsure about your diet, want to know whether you are eating healthy enough, meeting your nutrient needs?  Nutrition Coaching is available.

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