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image.pngMillie-7.13 Hello and welcome to Beyond Paleo!  I’m Millie Barnes, a Chef and Nutrition Coach who teaches a Traditional Diet, the ones humans have been eating for thousands of years; no processed foods, plenty of organic fats, moderate high quality proteins, with no wheat, soy or dairy. The focus is on a way of eating that truly meets all of your nutrient needs.

I consider the style of Nutrition that I teach and cook to be a mix of Paleo, Mediterranean and Whole30. I take components of each but use my 40 years of research and experience to put together a way of eating that let’s you heal, prevent disease through truly meeting your nutrient needs. I believe that a diet based on high quality abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables, plenty of healthy fats and moderate use of grass fed/organic proteins. I think juicing is important along with plenty of fermented foods for gut health.

When we maintain a diet that nurtures us fully and keeps our bodies in shape through rigorous exercise, the rest falls into place. We cannot have a healthy mind within an ailing body. We need a diet that lets our bodies run efficiently while meeting our nutrient needs. We need an exercise regimen that challenges our bodies so they can stay strong and limber.

What Do I Mean by Beyond Paleo?

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The term Paleo Diet has come to mean many things as more people have begun writing and publishing about it.   Many authors and cooks feel as though the addition of some gluten free grains are acceptable.  Many promote the use of olive oil or other vegetable oils to cook with.  Many people feel that Paleo should be low fat and exclude or minimize the use of saturated fats. 90% of the posts I see on many “Paleo” sites focus on substitutes for the desserts and flour containing foods we are healthier avoiding.

I do not consider these practices to be a Traditional Human Diet.  Primitive man did NOT use olive oil as he had no access to it.  We did NOT evolve using grains in our diet.  They are toxic to humans.  Desserts and flours are should be drastically minimized in our diet and eventually eliminated as we heal from our addictions to carbs.

Primitive man did NOT avoid saturated fats; they are necessary for all biological functions.  They are the most important nutrient in our diet.  Our most common diseases at this point are from lack of this essential nutrient.

I am a Chef and Nutrition Coach with 40 years of nutrition research under my belt. I have been cooking for and teaching my clients how to obtain optimal health, heal from cancer, manage and/or eliminate allergies, gain a much higher level of energy, lose weight and improve athletic performance.

A Traditional Human Diet should follow these guidelines;

  • One fourth of the caloric intake each day should be of grass fed meat, organic proteins and cage free, organic eggs.
  • One third of your calories intake each day should come from fats; saturated fats should be 75% of that.
  • The remaining calories should be vegetables and fruits with an eye on working toward the lower glycemic vegetables.
  • Fresh vegetable juices should be a part of your diet every day.
  • No grains, no heated vegetable oils, no processed oils (eat only the foods these oils come from- olives, avocados, nuts, seeds).
  • Most of your carbs should be from low glycemic vegetables.
  • No flour products should be consumed.
  • No milk from any animal, no gluten, no soy, no protein powders.
  • Eat only organic meats and vegetables.  If you have to choose between grass fed and organic meat, choose grass fed (for the depth of nutrients).
  • Supplements are not needed on a day to day basis.  They should be used for serious deficiencies, as when recovering from or healing from cancer, lupus, MS or during chemo or radiation.
  • Bone stocks and organ meets should be a part of your intake each week, broths daily, organ meats at least once or twice a month.

Let me Teach you How!  I offer a Meal Delivery Service, Nutrition Coaching, Cooking Classes and Nutrition Seminars.  Please click on the links for more info about these services.

Call TODAY and let’s get started on a healthier YOU!

. Coaching is available in person or by Video Conferencing.

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