My Permaculture Kitchen Garden- Update

Say One Kitchen GardenSteo 2 Hay in place

I have been using sub-irrigated grow buckets, to grow herbs and veggies in, for about 5 years.  I will continue to grow some things in buckets, but am just starting out to learn about Permaculture.  I’ll keep you posted here!

So our neighborhood Permaculture Group here in Jacksonville came en mass…and dug up the ornamental plants beside my kitchen and put in a  Hugelkultur Bed.

So yesterday they dug out about 3 or 4 feet down, filled it with wood, twigs, branches from a tree we just took down in the back yard.  That will give us more sun in the back yard for another bed.

After that went all of the leafy branches, then dirt, then compost, then coffee grounds, then peas- to fix the soil.  Today I will get hay and put over all. 

Next week- planting!   This is so much fun!  I will eventually have a food forest here! 

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