Weight Loss “Products”

I have never dieted,, never never taken any weight loss tea or product.  I weigh 109 and though had health problems in the past, was never overweight.   I teach my Nutrition Coaching clients how to eat 2000 calories a day and lose weight safely, while becoming better nourished. 

I ended up trying a weight loss coffee a few nights ago.  I Facebook friend posted an event at his real estate office, mentioned coffee…and I signed up.  Frankly I thought it was a networking event and they were serving coffee. He followed up later in the day by posting that it was a weight loss coffee.   Since it was in my neighborhood, only a few blocks away…I decided to go. I figured I’d mix and mingle and meet people. 

If you read my blog regularly you know I don’t eat “products”, I eat real food…and teach my clients how to do the same.   There are no shortcuts or products that will make you healthier…only great nutrition and exercise. 

I got to the meeting, there were only 6 people,,,disappointing.  They offered my a cup of coffee, told me the main ingredients were coffee and yerba mate’. I drank about half the cup and as they were doing there sales spiel I noticed my heat racing.  Now, I’m no wimp when it comes to caffeine…I drink one cup of Turkish coffee each morning and have no issues or jittery-ness.

About an hour into the whole meeting I was bored by listening to how I could make a fortune on this stuff, still had seen no label or ingredient list…and my heart was racing..   The people putting on the meeting were saying they were drinking this coffee, eating the same and losing 5 or 6 pounds a week.  They assured us that it was good for you, helped brain function because of the herbs and coffee, didn’t keep you up at night….

I got home and realized I was feeling as though I had taken a dose of speed.  My son told me I wasn’t taking breaths between sentences.  I cleaned, couldn’t settle down, wasn’t hungry at dinner time.  I ate a small bowl of soup.  Cleaned some more…Usually I am asleep by midnight…at two AM I was still reading and my heart was still racing.   I was not happy. 

Finally went to bed, didn’t sleep well (which never happens to me!).  I got up and for the first time in years, didn’t have coffee…my heart was still racing intermittently.  And my stomach was upset.  It took until that afternoon for me to feel better, normal.

People want easy solutions to weight loss.  This product, Javita, is another products promising people an easy answer. The website claims that portion control is the key to weight loss and that this product helps you control food intake.  It does this by suppressing the appetite.  This is not a good idea because you need nourishment, need foods  composed of a healthy mix of fat, protein and crabs.

As most of us have discovered, there are no easy answers to dieting…only great nutrition keeps us healthy, or can repair and restore health.  Weight loss is about getting the right amount of nourishment; 2000 calories a day from the right foods,. Period.

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