Easy Ways to Conserve Water


According to Scientific American you can use more than 40 gallons of water by letting the faucet run while washing the dishes.

Here’s how to use only use about 3 or 4 gallons;

Wash dishes with 2 dish pans in the sink, one for hot soapy water, one with warm rinse water. Do glasses first, pause a moment to let the soapy water drip off, then move to rinse water. Stop when rinse water is almost full and rinse quickly. Repeat with silver, plates, then pots and utensils. All with 2 dishpans full of water. Then I pour the soapy water, with all that organic matter, onto my plants in the garden. It helps repel pests and loosens the soil. And good for the biceps when you carry it outdoors.

Other ways to save water;

1)  Use very low flow shower heads. Ace Hardware has a 1.5 GPM with a shut-off valve. Take a 3 minute shower!

2)  Use grey water from shower(I keep a 5 gallon bucket in shower and use it throughout the day to flush the toilet, take what’s left to the flower beds. If you can’t lift a 5 gallon bucket, use a 3 gallon one.  You’ll work up to a 5 gallon one in no time, just keep doing it!

3) NEVER buy bottled water. I bought a Kleen Kanteen for each person in the family, we refill and take with us. I’ve had mine over a year.

4) I have an outdoor solar heated shower that I built.  May not save water bit is saves electricity!

5)  I water my garden with buckets from the rain barrels that are under the eaves of my garage. 10 feet from my garden. The front flower garden gets watered entirely from the dish water.

6) I feel VERY strongly that it is awful to put sewage back in to fresh water.  I use a sawdust toilet thus putting no sewage in the system..and makes for great compost (ONLY for high heat composting!). 

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