Don’t Get Too Carried Away When Eating Gluten Free

I recently asked a blogger to feature my book, The Criterion Diet (shameless promotion here…click here to buy it) on his blog.  He wrote me back and said, “I don’t promote gluten free websites any more because you people are all crazy, all you do is focus on carbs, carbs, carbs…”.

He was, mostly, correct.  Almost every site you go to on the web gives you TONS of recipe desserts, waffle and pancakes…every way to replace the gluten free items you were eating that made you sick …with ones that will not cause the bloating, tiredness, dizziness, fibromyalgia, weight gain, depression etc., that glutens cause.

I politely pointed out to him that if he had he actually looked at the book, peeked inside…or even read the description, he would have realized that that is not what my book was about. I teach a Paleo diet, am a proponent of a low carb diet.  I don’t teach low carb so that people can lose weight (although that is a delightful side effect of becoming well nourished and healing).

I teach low carb because it is healthy. Carbs are carbs, whether they come from a gooey cinnamon roll or an organic piece of fruit…an excess of them does damage;causing heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, mal-nutrition, weight gain, diabetes.  When you take in an excess of carbs, you take in less fat and protein.  And therein lies the problem.

You need a full 50% of your calories each day to come from fat; healthy, saturated fats from organic sources in order to meet your needs for the nutrients you get from that fat (Vitamins A, D and E primarily).

You need 30% of each days intake to be high quality, organic protein from grass fed animals, cage free poultry and eggs, organ meats, Traditional Bone Stocks.

The remaining 20% should be from low glycemic vegetables; green leafy vegetables should be the biggest part followed by onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lettuces.  A small serving of organic fruit, the darker colored the better (berries give a lot of nutrients making the carbs worth it!).

Notice that I said all carbs are bad for you in excess.  That is a large part of the problem when people learn that they need to stop eating gluten containing foods…and all humans feel way better off of ALL grains, not just the ones that contain glutens.  The focus for most people in the beginning is that they focus on all the “products” out there that are alternatives to their gluten containing counterparts.

Yes, you CAN get gluten and lactose free Oreos, Pop tarts, Cookies, pastas, cheeses, chips, cakes, mixes to cook with.  But SHOULD you?   No, you shouldn’t except occasionally.  We all have birthdays, weddings, occasions we want top celebrate.  And of course we are going to bake and celebrate in a traditional way…but on a day to day basis we need great nutrition.

So baked goods, Ezekiel Bread, gluten free cookies are all recreational foods…treat them as such, enjoy them occasionally.  And use them during the time you are transitioning to a gluten free diet, they will help tremendously with the craving for glutens as the body gets rid of the mucus and our immune system calms down.

I offer a line of gluten, lactose and soy free desserts myself…for those special times.  Do I eat them often?  No, I do not…I eat almost perfect 98% of the time and really enjoy the great health and extremely high energy that is the result of that choice.

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