10 Plastic Wrap Alternatives

From; Re-Nest

In my kitchen plastic wrap was one of the hardest things to let go when we began converting to a more sustainable lifestyle. To be a viable alternative to that oh-so-easy plastic wrap, something must be readily available, easy to use, quick to clean and cheap. Here are some alternatives I have come up with.

1. Glass Jars For smaller items, glass jars work wonderfully. Maintaining the see-through nature of plastic wrap this is one of my favorite substitutes.

2. Tin Foil Don’t worry: I reuse my tin foil. A roll of foil lasts for a LONG time at our house. By purchasing high quality, durable foil we are able to wash and reuse it as a non-perishable item.

3. Glass Food Storage Containers With lots of great options on the market these days, glass food storage containers can often go from oven to table to fridge reducing the need to wash multiple containers as well.

4. Oil Cloth Homemade food wraps made using oil cloth can be both attractive and reusable.

5. Parchment or (Soy Derived) Wax Paper Use parchment or soy derived wax paper to wrap your sandwiches for your packed lunch instead of baggies or plastic wrap.

6. Fabric Bowl Covers Easy to make with some elastic and fabric these bowl covers look like old lady swim caps but are fantastic in the fridge to keep your bowls covered.

7. Bento Boxes You don’t have to look for long to find gorgeous bento boxes that you can keep your lunch or leftovers in when storing them in the fridge.

8. Not Making So Much Food This might seem obvious, but it makes a big difference in my kitchen. Cooking smaller portions more often not only adds variety to my cuisine but it reduces the need for storing leftovers.

9. Two Plates Easy peasy: put food on one plate and invert another on top.

10. Don’t Wrap It Seriously, think hard, does that actually need to be wrapped or are you just doing it out of habit? Unless it’s pretty fragrant or will run all over the place, chances are you can leave it open on a plate.

(Image: Blast Magazine)

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